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Building a certified green home is a way of ensuring that your new home provides you with an energy saving, healthy, and resource-efficient environment for you and your family. The home must perform well as a unified system and must be verified to meet green building standards by independent consultants through on-site checks and quality testing.

Green Homes Look Like Your Home

Certified green buildings can look just like any other home on your block or in your neighborhood, and don’t need to cost any more than a conventional home. Building green is not about building differently -- it’s about building smart. Green Builders go above and beyond state and city building codes. We build homes that have higher air quality, are more efficient, and are quieter than conventional homes. Green Builders use sustainable, environmentally friendly building materials such as formaldehyde-free insulation, low VOC paints and finishes, and sustainably harvested lumber products.The result is lower utility bills and a healthier home for your family.

Choosing a Builder: Experience and Chemistry

Just as with building a conventional code home, building a certified green home means carefully selecting a builder based on a number of criteria. While green building experience is certainly beneficial, potential home buyers must always consider whether the chemistry is right. They must assess the builder’s integrity, reputation and financial solvency, and ensure that the builder will be accessible for questions and consultation for the duration of the project.

Nick Holdeman of Alcove Construction, Inc. is a certified Sustainable Homes Professional (SHP). Nick works with The Earth Advantage Institute and each of the trades from the design of the home  throughout the construction process to insure quality and standards to meet the 3rd party certification whether that be Earth Advantage Silver, Gold, or Platinum; Energy Star or LEED certification. Alcove Construction uses Larry Wright of Tekneek Studios, an SHP architectual firm, to design premier energy efficient homes for people.




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